Mykhailo (Moisei) Vainshtain
Mykhailo (Moisei) Vainshtain
67. 2 500 $ - 3 000 $
1972 Oil on cardboard, 50х35 cm
68. 4 000 $ - 5 000 $ VAINSHTEIN MYKHAILO "Haiane"
1976 Oil on canvas, 70х60 cm
Mykhailo (Moisei) Vainshtain (1940-1981) was a Ukrainian painter and graphic artist. Vainshtain was one of the artists of the 1960s movement. He was a founder of the Ukrainian model of the «Severe Style» and has been considered its most prominent figure. At the Khariv Art Institute, Vainshtain was supervised by Mykhailo Khmelko (1965) and by Serhii Hryhoriev at the Art Studies of the Academy of Arts (1967).

Vainshtain painted thematic pieces and landscapes. However, his portraits and self-portraits stand out the most among all of his works. It is in Vainshtain's portraits and self-portraits that his style is very particular. Mykhailo also did small sculptures.

The major part of Mykhailo (Moisei) Vainshtain's art has ended up in private collections in Europe, US and Israel.
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