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The upcoming auction of the KUPAVA Auction House this time will be held in the ancient luxurious halls of the branch of the Kyiv National Art Gallery — “Shokoladnyi budynok” Art Centre at Shovkovychna St, 17/2. The exhibition at the museum will feature the masterpieces of Ukrainian art from the Soviet era, perestroika, the post-Soviet generation, and the present time. The first section: The collection consists of works by the classics of socialist realism: large thematic paintings featuring workers, collective farmers, the leaders of the Soviet era. Among them are some notable Soviet works: “He is back” by Sergiy Grigoriev, “Land owners” by Alexander Maksimenko, “Taras Shevchenko on the slopes of the Dnieper” by Mikhail Bozhiy (versions of these paintings are kept in museums in Ukraine). The iconic canvases of socialist realism are complemented with the intimate works by Ukrainian classics. They come from well-known private collections and represent sketches and paintings by the most exquisite colorist and lyricist, the student of Nikolai Krichevsky – Evgeny Vsevolodovich Volobuev, luxurious still lifes by the academician and People’s Artist of Ukraine – Oleksii Shovkunenko, vivid landscapes and portraits by the Soviet dissident Viktor Zaretsky, landscapes by the outstanding colorist and academician Mikhail Deregus, beautiful and valuable rare examples of the works by Mykola Glushchenko (large seascape, printed in the catalogs of the legend of Ukrainian art and his works from the French cycle «Parisian Elite» and «Nude») and others. A significant and interesting part of the collection of the Kupava auction (autumn-2021) consists of works in the austere style: the industrial paintings by the artists of Eastern Ukraine – Volodymyr Khorenko, Victor Belov, Vadim Bogdanov. In this section of the auction collection, also found their place the bright works by the classics of the Transcarpathian school, the early work by Fedir Manailo “Timber Rafting” and the magnificent portrait of the Hutsul girl by Volodymyr Mykyta. The second section: It includes various works by the art masters, fitting the term – modern art. These works were created during perestroika, in the 90s, the 2000s, the 10s, and up to present times. All of them are executed in a free author’s manner and have features of modernism. It is necessary to highlight the painting by Valeria Spiridonova «Angel» among this artistic variety. She is called the modern Ukrainian Chagall. Valeria lives and works in Munich and comes from the generation of the 1970s. The early works of the early 90s also attract attention – Eduard Belsky, Ruslan Pushkash, Igor Eliseev, rare works of the archaic cycle by the stars of the South Ukrainian tradition of Ukrainian postmodernism Alexey Markitan and Viktor Pokidanets, which also emerged in the mid-90s, and the Odesa artist Igor Gusev with a series of works “Mashenka, Lyusenka, Dashenka”. Impressing work by Iryna Kalenik is an example of Ukrainian sots art. It is emblematic of the beginning of the emancipation of Ukrainian artistic thought after gaining independence. An early work by Alexander Zhivotkov «Portrait of a Woman» also belongs to this section. Contemporary art completes the section of modern art. The collection would be incomplete without that. These are the works of acclaimed artists who now create the modern art history of Ukraine. The collection includes works by the stars of the modern Ukrainian and international art scene – Yuriy Sivirin, Roman Mikhailov, and Dmitry Yevseyev, as well as the interactive work by Yuriy Vakulenko, who is a talented artist and at the same time a successful cultural manager. All the aspects of the exhibition not only create an opportunity to get acquainted with unique works of art but also to disclose them in the exposition from the viewpoint of history – from the point of traditions and innovations, from the view of the historical perspective of the visual culture of Ukraine for the world.

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