Auction house KUPAVA support for young artists convenient conditions for participation
KUPAVA is a top-notch brand among auction houses in Ukraine dealing with art.
Since its foundation in 2016, KUPAVA recommended itself as a synonym of trustability, professionalism and true love of art.
The story of the KUPAVA auction house started in 2016 from the ground-breaking event titled “From red to yellow and blue” that has shaken the circles of the connoisseurs of superb art.
This ground-breaking auction sale was initiated by the prominent Ukrainian art collector and critic Lyudmila Bereznitska.
The title “From red to yellow and blue” embodied the focus of the auction house on the type of art it deals with. KUPAVA mostly operates the masterpieces by the most interesting and underrated artists from Ukraine and abroad of the XX century, as well as sells the artworks of the most promising emerging and established stars of Ukrainian contemporary art.
These include some of the biggest names from the Soviet “red” era of Ukrainian art – both mainstream and non-conformist.
Here you can enjoy the exquisitely refined oeuvres by Tetyana Yablonska, Mykhailo Derehus and Mykola Hlushchenko, epitomizing the best in the official Soviet-era art.
Or you can contemplate the creations by the famous counterculture artists, whose beautiful works managed to survive the Moloch of the Soviet censorship – Vladislav Mamsikov, Zoya Lerman, Vladimir Horenko and many more.
Besides established living contemporary art maîtres, the KUPAVA auction house also helps the most promising emerging young artists to make them visible to the admirers of their talent, significantly contributing to the development of art in Ukraine.
Social responsibility is another distinctive trait of this auction house.  Each auction organized by the KUPAVA auction house includes lots, the proceeds of which are redirected to charity: conducting non-profit projects, supporting young artists and creating educational programs.
And last but not least: our brand is reliable. True art matters a lot for the KUPAVA team. So, we consider the true connoisseurs of art our true friends, not clients.



Auction house KUPAVA